The Costs of Not Finishing What You Start

Are You Willing To Pay The Costs?


We often hear of the discipline and sacrifices we must make to accomplish our greatest dreams.
But today I would like you to consider a different cost.

The cost of NOT going after you goals and dreams.  The cost of not sticking it out to the end.

This is something that I had to consider myself a while ago.

 When God first gave me the vision for being a business and life prosperity coach, author, and speaker, He also gave me the vision of exactly what that looked like.  But, for a while, no matter how hard I worked, that vision was still just that – a vision.

 Many times, I thought of giving up and going back to practicing law or being a business consultant.  In fact, for about a year, I put my dreams on hold and got a regular 9 to 5 to pay the bills.

 I would coach “on the side” and host various teleseminars.  Well on one particular call about goal setting, I asked the participants to consider what it was costing them not to go after their goals full force.  As we went through the exercise, that voice inside of me asked – “What about you?  What’s it costing you not to go after your goal?”

 I ignored the voice, and continued on with the call.  But, as soon as it was over, the voice came back and asked, “What is it costing you?”

 I took out a sheet of paper and here’s how I answered that question:

  • Financial Costs – $10,000 per month (the initial vision for my business was to earn $10,000 per month after expenses)
  • Emotional Costs– confidence, self esteem, happiness
  • Spiritual Costs – my intimacy with God, peace, joy
  • Physical Costs – loss of sleep, weight gain, high blood pressure
  • Costs to My Family (now this is where the tears started to flow) – I’m missing out on showing my daughter what it really means to live a full, happy, joyful life, I’m showing Amber that it’s okay not to live up to yoru fullest potential.
  • Costs to the world – women living mediocre “just getting by lives”, women missing out on living their best lives.

 When I added up all of those costs, I decided that it just wasn’t worth it.

I renewed my motivation to follow through with the vision God gave me and I haven’t looked back since.


What about you?

Whether you would like to admit it or not, not going after what you truly desire could be costing you a fortune. (And, it goes far beyond a mere financial costs)

Is that a price you are willing to pay?

Ask yourself – “What is it costing me spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially not to stick with it until the end? “

Then, go deeper and ask,  “what is it costing my family, friends, and those in the world around me for me to stay where I am right now?”


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3 Replies to “The Costs of Not Finishing What You Start”

  1. Thank you so much for this post. When I asked the question, what is it costing me, I got back an immediate response. It’s draining my energy constantly “thinking” about my dreams and aspiration and staying stuck in a situation I don’t want to be in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for my 9-5, but I also feel a strong pulling to act on my purpose. Time to stop asking the hard questions and get to work on the answers.

  2. My first career was a public school teacher, which I only did for about 3 years. Even right before I graduated, I felt that it was the wrong career for me. I love teaching, which is what I do now, but it’s a different type of teaching.

    When I worked in the public schools, I was told how to teach, what to teach, and when to teach it. All creativity was thrown out the window, and I felt constricted. Staying in that career gave me unneeded stress, and I just wasn’t happy.

    When I created my website, and wrote my first E-Book, I suddenly felt alive. I felt free to do whatever I wanted, which is all I ever really wanted.

    It’s so important to go after you goals.

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