Surviving The Teen Years Without Serving Time {Episode #50}


Courageous Conversations:

Power Coaches Nick Dillon and Benecia Ponder answer the following questions from listeners:

  • “Is my husband’s negativity blocking my ability to succeed in my busness?”
  • “How do I get my 15 year old to stop playing the video games and get motivated to reach his full potential?”

Featured Guest

Melody Anderson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California & New York. After a highly successful acting career in film, television & stage (including Flash Gordon, All My Children, Ms. Anderson returned to New York University and received her Masters in Social work. She specializes in addiction & trauma treatment, working with individuals, couples & families. Ms. Anderson created & developed “The Family & Friends Program” & the “Intensive-Out Patient Program at Hazelden New York. She has been working with families for almost 20 years and is private practice in Los Angles & New York. She has lectured around the world on Families & Addiction and teaches therapy at UCLA’s Extension Program. She is currently writing a book for parents with children who abuse drugs & alcohol.

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