My true confession…

Dear Friend,

I wish I could tell you that the woman who helps everyone else go from stuck to unstoppable never gets stuck herself.      
But, that just isn’t true.    
In fact, I’ve been stuck many times in my life. And, I’ve been stuck more recently than I’d like to admit.    
Last year this time, God gave me a BIG vision that both excited and scared the crap out of me.  It is a vision that would impact the lives of thousands of women around the world.  
Yet, I sat on it.  I said, “When the time is right, I’ll do this.”  But the time never felt right so I continued to sit on it. And, I’ve been suffering the consequences.
Why am I being so transparent with you? Three reasons…
live your dreams now
First, I want to let you know– You are not alone.
I’ve heard from many women lately who have told me, “Benecia, I’m stuck.  I know I should be doing more, but I just haven’t.”   I’ve encouraged more women than I can count who have felt the pain of not fully living in their God-given purpose. And, I’m one of them.    
Second, I have made a decision to get unstuck. 
 I wish I could say it was becasue I’m so self motivated.  But, the truth is—I’m tired of suffering the consequences. Yes, I’ve had a good year.  God has blessed me in many ways.  He has sustained me.  But, He has also withheld His biggest promises from me.  I’ve been eating manna, when He wanted to give me milk and honey.  
Third, I want you to join me.
God has so much more in store for us.  But, we’ve got to stop stalling and start moving.    
I’m inviting you to join me for B.I.R.T.H. Your Dreams.  It’s a 21 day personal transformation challenge that will help you to jumpstart your journey to your own Promised Land.  And, the best part about it is that we get to do it together! Visit to join me.
And, don’t forget to share.  Someone you know may need to hear this message. Send it to them! 🙂    


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