How To Increase Your Personal Productivity with a Time Budget

There are people who pride themselves on their organizational skills. They get everything on their “to-do” list done every day and never seem to waste a minute of their time. If you are one of these people – CONGRATULATIONS!

If, however, you are anything like most Americans, you end the day wondering where the time went. If only there were more hours in the day…you’d be able to exercise more…you’d actually finish that book you’ve been trying to write for the past two years…you’d be able to get more sleep. You just need a little bit more time.

The truth is…. The 24 hours we have in each day is all we’re going to get. No more time is being created and that makes time our most valuable asset. If you want to protect this asset, you must learn to invest it wisely.

Stop Trying To Manage Your Time
The amount of time you have is not the problem – your habits are. Instead of trying to manage your time, decide to manage yourself. Get rid of all the time wasters like television, constantly checking your email, and incessant gossip. Determine what’s been wasting your time and deal with it today.

Learn To Budget Your Time
Using a financial budget is a pretty common concept for people trying to manage their money. But, what about your time? Time is more valuable than money, yet we spend less than 5 minutes each day planning our daily tasks.

Take a moment to write down all the activities you want to do today (work, family time, exercise, meetings, and don’t forget to add eating and sleeping). Next, write down how long it will take you to complete each task. If the number is more than 24 you have a time deficit. You’ll have to adjust. Keep adjusting until you get a balanced budget.

Stop Trying To Do It All
It’s a big mistake to try to do a little bit of everything every day. You want to exercise, read a new book, spend quality time with your family, pamper yourself, chat with friends, clean the house, and of course, get enough rest each night to function the next day. So, you put in a little bit of it all into your daily schedule.

But, instead of feeling more productive, you feel stressed and frustrated. And what’s worse, you still have lots of items left on your to-do list. Set priorities and do first things first. If there are too many things in your schedule, delegate or eliminate them all together. Remember, “no” is an acceptable answer.

Focus On What Matters Most


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