Announcement: The Profitable NonProfit Workshop Series

It is my great pleasure to invite you to join me for an exciting new workshop series–The Profitable NonProfit.
All too often, non profit organizations struggle to survive.  Not because they don’t have an excellent mission. but because they have bought into the myth that nonprofits are meant to struggle and be broke.
That can’t be further from the truth.
The truth is– NonProfits can (and should) be PROFITABLE!
How do I know?  As an attorney and business development strategist, I’ve spent the past eight years helping non profit organizations grow into successful business enterprises that prosper in their purpose.  Through grant writing and program development, I’ve helped my clients win more than $15 million dollars in grant funds.   Through strategic planning and business development counseling, I’ve helped struggling organizations go from broke to having more resources than they could handle.  Plus, I have a 100% success rate with securing tax exempt status for my clients.
Now, I want to help you and your organization.
If you have a non profit (or thinking about starting one), it’s time you learned how to thrive and prosper in the business of doing good.
The Profitable NonProfit is a series of full-day workshops designed to help nonprofit organizations grow successful enterprises equipped to run more effectively and make a bigger impact.
There are three topics available:
  • NonProfit In A Day – a full day training that will guide you step by step through the 501(c)(3) process.  You’ll leave this workshop with completed bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, list of Board of Directors, basic fundraising plan, and a completed IRS 1023 in hand!
  • Get Funded! Writing Winning Grant Proposals – an intensive look at what it takes to secure major grant dollars.  You’ll learn all about the grantsmanship process and leave this workshop with a fully developed grant proposal ready to be submitted to the funder of your choice.
  • The Million Dollar NonProfit – takes you beyond the grant process into developing an in-depth fundraising strategy that will keep your organization thriving.  At the completion of this full day training, you’ll walk away with a fully developed million dollar plan for your organization plus strategies to put that plan into action.
These workshops are highly interactive and I work individually with each participant.  That’s why space for each workshop is limited to 10 participants.
Please don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to grow your organization into a thriving, profitable success!
To register for the workshop series, please visit:
Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 1-800-16-2432.
All the Best!
Benecia Ponder, Esq.

Work More. Get Less Done.

Our personal power – the ability to get things done – is most influenced by our physical, emotional, and mental energies. Guarding your energy is the best thing you can do to ensure that you are operating with peak performance.

Today, I’m encouraging you to work fewer hours and get more rest. Yes, you read correctly – work fewer hours and get more rest.

One of the major reasons you don’t get as much done as you’d like to get done is because you are working too much.

Working long hours and burning the midnight oil doesn’t help you get more done. In fact,after eight hours of work, your productivity actually begins to decline. You are less focused, and as a result you make more mistakes and the quality of your work is diminished.

Another startling fact I’d like to share with you – Fatigue is a major cause of procrastination. When you’re tired and burned out, it takes more energy than you have just to get started. The more tired you are the more you put things off.

The best remedy for lack of productivity is rest. Brian Tracey asserts that adding just one extra hour of sleep each night could change your entire life. His prescription for increasing your personal productivity includes going to bed early during the week, sleeping in on the weekends, and taking at least one full day off each week where you don’t do anything that taxes your brain.

During those times when you are overwhelmed and stressed because of all the things that you need to get done, don’t force yourself to keep going. Instead, take a hour or so to rest – take a nap, go for a walk, engage in an activity you enjoy. Then, after you’ve been refreshed and recharged, come back to your tasks. .

Do you feel as if you don’t have enough time to take breaks? I’d say you don’t have enough time not to. Being fully rested and energized boosts your productivity and performance levels by up to five times! That means you get a lot more done in a lot less time.

Think About This…

How is your personal productivity suffering because you aren’t getting enough rest?

Call To Action:
Recharge yourself. Get to bed early tonight and take one full day off this weekend.

Until the next time we meet, I’m wishing you lots of passion, purpose, profits and PRODUCTIVITY!


GOAL GETTERS – Achieve Your Goals God’s Way (Part 4)


July is GOAL GETTERS Month!

Each Monday in July, I’m posting a new article in the  series – Achieve Your Goals God’s Way.

Additionally, each weekday this month, my blog will be buzzing with special tips and resources that will help you to achieve your goals faster and easier! Make sure to  sign up for the RSS feed so you won’t miss a single post!

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 Achieve Your Goals God’s Way (part4)

Eradicate the Fear

“Are you afraid of greater success?”

 This thought came to me about 5 years ago during one of my morning meditations.  Three months prior to that morning, I’d set what Jack Canfield calls a “Breakthrough Goal” – a goal that when accomplished would set me on the course for a lifetime of business success.  My breakthrough goal was to write a book that would help entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses.  Once finished, I would have the opportunity to present this book at a business conference attended by hundreds of budding entrepreneurs.  This new book would take my consulting practice to a whole new level.

I was certain I had everything I needed to write and publish a great book.  As an entrepreneur, I had the experience.  As a business attorney, I had the knowledge and expertise.  As an excellent writer, I had the skills and talent. As a Christian, I had the belief.  As a student of positive thinking, I had the vision of thousands of people starting successful businesses as a result of reading my book.  I even had the plan and the resources necessary to print and publish the book.

Yet, the conference came and went…without my book.  I searched for the reasons why I hadn’t been able to achieve this goal.  I criticized myself for not following through and prayed that God would show me how to become more disciplined and focused on achieving greater levels of success.

My contemplation led me to ask myself, “Are you afraid of greater success?”  When the question came to me, I was shocked.  Of course I was familiar with the fear of failure as an impediment to achieving goals, but, the fear of success?  Was there even such a thing?


I began to do some research and soon found out the fear of success is just as paralyzing, and sometimes even more detrimental, than the fear of failure.

This is especially true for high achievers who have experienced a certain level of success in their lives.  You’ve already landed your dream job…You already have a thriving business….You’re already married to your soul mate…You’ve already purchased your own home…You already make a good income.  Certainly you aren’t afraid of more success.  Yet, for some reason, that next level of success (an even better position, even more clients, an even more intimate relationship) continues to elude you.

I’ve found that the fear of success has three main causes:

1.       You are aiming at the wrong goal.

We talked about this in part 3, but it is such an important issue that it can’t be reinforced enough.  For high achievers, success is a natural part of life.  When we set out to do something we are certain that we’ll achieve it.  When you find yourself at a place where your success has been stagnated, look at what you’re aiming for.  You may be aiming for a goal that when accomplished will give you more of what you don’t want.  That’s where I found myself.  The truth was – I really didn’t want to succeed in my consulting business.  What I really wanted to do was to launch my coaching and training business.  If I would have succeeded at publishing the business start-up book, I would have advanced my consulting business and moved further from my true dream.  If you find yourself in a similar situation ask, “Do I really want what I am attempting to accomplish?”  If you don’t, ask yourself “What do I really want?” Once you begin aiming at a goal that is aligned with your God-given passions and purpose, the fear of succeeding will vanish.

2.       You view your skills and abilities as constants.

According to research studies conducted at the University of Toronto and the University of Washington, people who view their skills and abilities as fixed become fearful when opportunities for greater success arise.  When you look at your goal, do you instantly think “How am I going to accomplish this goal with the skills I have?”  If so, you are asking yourself the wrong question.  Instead, ask “What skills and abilities can I develop to help me accomplish this goal?”  Then begin to improve your skills through training or coaching.  As you develop the new skills, you will gain the confidence you need to move past your fear.

3.       You are trying to do it all at once.

When I am faced with an opportunity to accomplish a big goal, I often have to remind myself of the riddle – “How do you eat an elephant.  One bite at a time.”  I get so excited about the results that will come when I accomplish the goal that I want to rush right ahead to the end.  If you can relate to this, you probably can also relate to the paralysis that comes when your brain tries to do it all at once.  Slow down and ask yourself, “What is the first step I need to take?”  Take that step, and then ask yourself, “What’s next.”  Keep taking it one step at a time until you’ve reached your goal.

For me, #1 was the root of my fear.  Now, after aiming at the right goal, I am the author of the forthcoming book – Prepare to ReceiveMore! The Step by Step Guide to Forming Your Prosperity Partnership with God. (to be released September 2012) 

What is the root of your fear?  Share it in the comments below.

It’s time to get your goals!  Join me for this month’s free complimentary teleclass so that you can set and achieve the goals that matter most ot you.

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2 Sure-Fire Strategies To Overcome Any Obstacle To Achieve Your Goal

You may know that at the age of 20, I suffered from a pseudo brain tumor which left me visually impaired.  What you may not know are the strategies I used to overcome that seemingly debilitating condition to become a successful speaker, author, and certified personal and executive coach.

Today, I want to share with you I share with you two of these strategies.  If you use them, you can overcome just about any obstacle you face – no matter what your goal is.


Click here to view the video on YouTube ==>

Here’s a great resource for you: p2p2013

Until the next time we meet – I’m wishing you lots of passion, purpose, and prosperity!


BeneciaPonderTVAbout Your Coach
Benecia Ponder is a professional speaker, author, and certified personal and executive coach. She is the nation’s leading total life transformation specialist for Christian women entrepreneurs helping them to navigate professional and personal change so they can live to their fullest God-given potential while enjoying an abundance of peace and happiness. To learn more, visit

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GOAL GETTERS – Achieve Your Goals God’s Way (part 3)


July is GOAL GETTERS Month!

Each Monday in July, I’m posting a new article in the  series – Achieve Your Goals God’s Way.

Additionally, each weekday this month, my blog will be buzzing with special tips and resources that will help you to achieve your goals faster and easier! Make sure to  sign up for the RSS feed so you won’t miss a single post!

And, as a special bonus – we’re having a special FREE goal getting training call on July 24th! Check out all the details here ==>


 Achieve Your Goals God’s Way (part 3)

Get Rid of the Roadblocks

I recently had a client come to me frustrated because she was having so much trouble achieving her business goals.  As a solo entrepreneur she’d already achieved some levels of business success in her service-based business, but she was ready for more. During our first session together she told me – “My goals are clear.  I know what I need to do and for the most part how to do it.  I’m just not doing it.”

As she related her frustrations, I nodded in understanding.  Many of my clients come to me with similar concerns.  They’ve hit a brick wall when it comes to achieving their goals and are wondering why -with all of their education, expertise, and experience – they just can’t seem to tear down that wall and move forward.

It’s something you may be wondering, too.  Maybe you’ve set a careful plan for attracting new clients.  You’ve been very specific about what makes your ideal client – their occupation, their needs and problems, and how you can solve them.  Or, maybe you’ve developed a brilliant outline for that new book you’ve been trying to write for the last two years and you’ve even developed a writing schedule but you’re still no closer to a finished manuscript than you were two years ago.

You’re stuck. And no matter how much you try, you just aren’t moving any closer to your goal.

You know it’s not because you’re lazy – in all the other areas of your business, you work tirelessly .  It’s not because you don’t believe you can – you know that with your extensive experience, talents, and expertise, achieving this goal should be a piece of cake.  So why aren’t you moving forward?

To answer that, let’s go back to  the client I referred to earlier.  After she’d fully laid out her concerns, we began to look at the goals she’d set.  I’ll tell you, she’d done an amazing job of writing a vivid goal and she had a very detail action plan.  And, the bonus was that it was all in writing.  According to conventional wisdom and her plan, at the time she came to me for help, she should have been about 90% toward her goal.  But she hadn’t even started.

She wanted me to examine her plan to see if there was anything she hadn’t thought of.  But before we looked at the plan, I was led to ask her, “why do you want this goal?”  I knew it had to be the Holy Spirit telling me to ask this question because my training would have me steer away from “why” questions – it puts the client on the defensive.

There was a long pause on the other end of he phone. And then the answer cam back – “I don’t know.”

If accomplished, this goal would have doubled her client list and tripled her revenue. She would have a larger mailing list and established some great connections in her industry.  Instead of naming any of these reasons, all she could do was to keep saying – “I don’t know.”   I gave her a few moments to soak in that revelation and then she made the observation – “I guess it really doesn’t matter how good my plan is if I don’t even know why I want the goal inthe first place.”

I couldn’t have said it any better.  When we get stuck we have a tendency to  look at our plans or lack of action as the reason for our stalled success. But many times it’s not a lack of planning or action that is keeping you from your goals, it’s your lack of motivation.

Now, you may be thinking – shouldn’t she have been motivated by the though of getting new clients into her business or making more money?  That may motivate some people but it wasn’t her primary motivation.  After we determined that her goals ween’t motivating her we went back to the drawing board and I helped her to develop new compelling goals that aligned with her purpose and passion.  And guess what – within just a few short months she was accomplishing those new goals that not only brought her new clients and lots more revenue, but also  more happiness and satisfaction.

Today, I challenge you to take a look at your goals.  Make a list of all the reasons you want to accomplish that goal.  Don’t stop at the surface – I want ot accomplish this goal so that I can have more moeny or I want to accomplish this goal so that I can be recognized as an expert in my industry.  Really ask yourself “why?”

The key to being motivated is identifying a strong enough reason why you want to achieve your goal.  Take some time to do this exercise and really be honest with yourself.  If you can’t identify a burning desire to achieve a goal, why are you trying to achieve it. Life’s too short to waste time pursuing goals that have no meaning for you.

 It’s time to get your goals!  Join me for this month’s free complimentary teleclass so that you can set and achieve the goals that matter most ot you.

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