How To Increase Your Personal Productivity with a Time Budget

There are people who pride themselves on their organizational skills. They get everything on their “to-do” list done every day and never seem to waste a minute of their time. If you are one of these people – CONGRATULATIONS!

If, however, you are anything like most Americans, you end the day wondering where the time went. If only there were more hours in the day…you’d be able to exercise more…you’d actually finish that book you’ve been trying to write for the past two years…you’d be able to get more sleep. You just need a little bit more time.

The truth is…. The 24 hours we have in each day is all we’re going to get. No more time is being created and that makes time our most valuable asset. If you want to protect this asset, you must learn to invest it wisely.

Stop Trying To Manage Your Time
The amount of time you have is not the problem – your habits are. Instead of trying to manage your time, decide to manage yourself. Get rid of all the time wasters like television, constantly checking your email, and incessant gossip. Determine what’s been wasting your time and deal with it today.

Learn To Budget Your Time
Using a financial budget is a pretty common concept for people trying to manage their money. But, what about your time? Time is more valuable than money, yet we spend less than 5 minutes each day planning our daily tasks.

Take a moment to write down all the activities you want to do today (work, family time, exercise, meetings, and don’t forget to add eating and sleeping). Next, write down how long it will take you to complete each task. If the number is more than 24 you have a time deficit. You’ll have to adjust. Keep adjusting until you get a balanced budget.

Stop Trying To Do It All
It’s a big mistake to try to do a little bit of everything every day. You want to exercise, read a new book, spend quality time with your family, pamper yourself, chat with friends, clean the house, and of course, get enough rest each night to function the next day. So, you put in a little bit of it all into your daily schedule.

But, instead of feeling more productive, you feel stressed and frustrated. And what’s worse, you still have lots of items left on your to-do list. Set priorities and do first things first. If there are too many things in your schedule, delegate or eliminate them all together. Remember, “no” is an acceptable answer.

Focus On What Matters Most


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3 Questions That Will Boost Your Happiness Right Now

A lot of times I’ll hear people say…”I’ll be happy when….”

 “I’ll be happy when I find the love of my life. ”  

“I’ll be happy when I have my dream job.”

“I’ll be happy when I have more money in the bank.”

They put off happiness as if it’s a destination that they have to travel to. When in reality, happiness is something that you can have every single day, no matter how much money you have in the bank, no matter who you spouse is (or isn’t),  no matter what job you’re going to.

You can have happiness in every moment of your life.


Dennis Waitley said – “Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude.”

Today, I have three questions for you:

  1. Where is the love in your life?
  2. How has God shown you grace and favor?
  3. What are you grateful for?

When you answer those questions, you’ll come to recognize that you have a lot to be happy about right now…you don’t have to wait another moment!

The best is yet to come

Today, I want to encourage you to allow God to close some doors in your life.

I know  this message may seem strange from someone who helps women to prosper in every aspect of their lives.  But…it’s a message that I believe you may need to hear right now…

You see, sometimes, the reason some things don’t work out is because God has something better in store for you. If you will allow Him to shut the door on the mediocre, He can open the door to the excellent in your business and life.

My advice to you:

Stop looking at those things that haven’t gone the way you expected.

Stop trying to force open those doors that God has closed. 

Trust and believe that He has something GREAT in store for you! 

A Point To Ponder:

What doors do you need to allow God to close?

Celebrating Self Improvement Month: 30 Days That Will Transform Your Life (Business, Health, Finances, and Happiness too!)

Did you know that September is National Self Improvement Month?

Me neither…not until about a week ago.

As I was planning my video blog content for the month, I came across an announcement and thought…

“What could be better than a whole month dedicated to celebrating your personal growth and development?”

Not much!

That’s why I’ve planned an entire month of videos and articles
specially to enhance your personal, professional, and spiritual

And, I’ve also created the 31 Days of Personal Growth Calendar to give
you quick and easy to do actions you can take every day. (Yes, I
know September only has 30 days. But, this is a calendar you can
use all year long! 🙂 )

“Nothing In Your Life Will Grow Unless You Do.”

When it comes to growing your business, improving your health, building wealth, and enjoying greater happiness and satisfaction in your life, personal growth is critical to your success. That is why Self Improvement Month is so powerful.

This is the month focused on making changes, embracing a fresh outlook, and taking advantage of new opportunities.

 I invite you to use Self Improvement Month as a starting point where you’ll get used to focusing on making improvements rather than just going through the motions of day-to-day life.


Grow Everyday

 Taking just one small action step a day helps you to build momentum toward your goals.  I invite you to claim your free download of the Daily Personal Growth  Calendar and receive a month full of simple activities you can take to enhance your personal and spiritual growth every day.

 Brought to you by Benecia Ponder, dedicated to helping you live with an abundance of passion, purpose, power, and prosperity.