What's stopping you from having a purposeful business?

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What’s stopping you from having a purposeful business? 

Great Day!

Welcome to this edition of The Laser Coaching Moment with Benecia Ponder. My question for you to day is this – “Are you living on purpose?”

Many times, Christian women entrepreneurs believe that identifying their purpose in life is the only thing they need to do in order to start having more.  They spend hours upon hours creating vision boards and purpose statements but their lives remain the same.

Taking your business and life to the next level won’t happen by accident.  You’ll need to make your success a priority and that starts when you get control of your daily time.

Is your ability to live with purpose being hindered because you aren’t living on purpose?  Then join me for an Abundant Growth Strategy Session and I’ll show you how to get focused, create  a plan, take action, manage fear & create Abundant Growth in your business and life!

Until the next time we meet – I’m wishing you lots of passion, purpose, and profits!

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Put the Law of Attraction Into Action

Hi! Welcome to this edition of The Flourishing Entrepreneur Laser Coaching Moment. In this edition, I challenge you to get into action.

The riddle I share makes you think about what it really means to get into action. Don’t just envision a better business and better life, take the necessary action to make it happen!


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