4 Steps to Break Through Your Fears

I have fears.  

Fear of success…Fear of failure…Fear of criticism…Fear of making the wrong decisions…and, the granddaddy of them all – Fear of not being enough. 

I wanted to share this truth with you today because there seems to be a huge misconception that fear evaporates when you reach a certain level of success. And, that’s a big fat lie!

The truth is every successful person has fears…many fears.   Our success does not come because we have learned to eliminate fear, but we succeed because we have learned to face and push past fears when they come.

Do you feel God stirring up a passion within you to share your gifts with the world, but you’re letting fear stop you from taking that first step?

Is it time to move your business and life to the next level, but you’re allowing fear to keep you stuck in your comfort zone?

My advice to you – Don’t let fear be the roadblock that keeps you from God’s best in your life.

4 Steps To Break Through Your Fears

Fear’s ultimate goal is to paralyze you and keep you from moving forward. Spending too much time trying to examine and eliminate your fears will keep you exactly where you are–stuck and stalled.

If you’re ready to get unstuck and experience big breakthroughs in your business and life, here are four steps you can take today!  

STEP ONE: Face The Fear 

Yes, right fro the start, I want you to take a good hard look at your fear.  Get really familiar with it. Understand and identify it. Give it a name.

Here’s why – Fear is an illusion.  It wants you to believe it’s a lot bigger and scarier than it actually is.  But, when you pull back the curtain and take off the mask, you realize you have nothing to be afraid of.  

STEP TWO:  Embrace The Possibilities 

When you face your fear, you will indeed look at all the things that could go wrong. But, what about what could go right?  What  could happen if you steeped out on faith, pushed past your fears and succeeded? How would your life improve?  What legacy could you leave for your family? What positive impact could you make in the world? 

This is where you take your thoughts away from your fears and instead fix your focus on the destination beyond the fear. 


 Instead of trying to hide from the negative, move in the direction of the positive possibilities you identified. 

Here’s a powerful  truth–Fear is a wimp.  It is the only thing that gets smaller the closer you move toward it. Every step you take in the direction of fear makes it shrink even more. So, take steps (even tiny baby steps) towards your new possibilities and by doing so you break through the fear that once stood in your way. 

STEP FOUR: Repeat 

Remember, success does not come in the absence of fear.  In fact, as you approach each new level in your business, fear will show up.  Before, it might have stopped you, but now, you know how to break through. 

Keep it up.  Each time you meet with a new fear, face it, embrace the positive possibilities, and take action.  Do it over and over and over again.

BONUS TIP: Share Your Fears

Having someone to support and encourage you as you go through the process of facing your fears is powerful.  But, don’t talk to just anyone. I advise you to share your fears with someone you can trust. Someone who will not judge or criticize you. And, most importantly, someone who can help you move past your fears and into action towards your dreams.

And, if you need me, I’d love to help!  Click here to reserve your free Breakthrough Discovery Session.  In just 30 minutes, I’ll help you turn your fears into stepping stones to your next level of business and life success.  Reserve your session today: beneciaponder.com/breakthroughsession 

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I’m Celebrating My Failures Today!

Today, I’m celebrating my failures.

Yes, you read right.  I’m actually celebrating the things that didn’t go right this week.

So often we get disappointed and upset because things don’t go our way. It is during those times that we are tempted to throw in the towel and give up.

But as I look back over this past week, I have to thank God for what didn’t happen as I wanted it to…

  • a new group coaching program I was planning to start this month had to be pushed back until August throwing off my entire program schedule
  • two potential client leads didn’t work out
  • I accidentally scheduled a meeting at 7 pm for a project I really wasn’t sure I even wanted to work on.

Whoo-hoo! I’m happy that those things happened the way they did.  Why? Because of those things going wrong, here’s what went right:

  • It just so happened that the meeting I didn’t want to attend  opened up the opportunity to serve as the business coach on a new business incubator project.
  • Moving that coaching program  to August allowed me to use the month of July as GOAL GETTERS month and help more people to start focusing on achieving their goals.

And, what about those two clients that decided not to coach with me?  Well, that could be God’s blessing for you!  I now have two private coaching spaces available for dynamic Christian women who are ready to take their business and personal lives to the next level.

What seems to be going wrong in your life?  What things didn’t happen the way you wanted them to?  Instead of throwing a temper tantrum, turn that pity party into a celebration.  There are great things in store for you.  Remember – “…God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

Celebrate with me. Share your failure turned success stories in the comment section below.






you’re ALMOST perfect

Have you ever beheld the beauty of bamboo? The way it sways in the wind, green & smooth & creaking softly… it can be breathtaking.  Then you think about how fast it grows, how many useful products it can be used to create and it is, hands-down, a perfect plant.

 How about oak trees?  Have you ever climbed the sturdy trunk of a massive, woody oak & sat in its branches, listening to its leaves rustle in the breeze as birds nestle high overhead? Now think of the homes that can be built out of its strong wood…and the delicious flavor it imparts to wine & whiskey…it too, is a perfect plant.


Do you think the oak ever compares itself to bamboo, wishing it were more slender, smooth and flexible?  Do you think that the bamboo has ever gotten jealous of the oak, longing for more strength, stability & rough edges?

Probably not. We could learn a lot from plants…

The fact is, YOU are perfect, too…just as you are.

I know that sounds borderline preposterous, but stay with me for a moment.  Think about it…your legs may be “too short” or your hands “too big,” but given the right task, they are IDEAL.  So is every other part of you.

In fact, the only thing standing in the way of YOUR COMPLETE PERFECTION is the belief that you should be more or less of anything.  Once you really get that, your world will radically transform as well as the lives of everyone around you.

This is why I’m inviting you to my latest webinar, FREE, as my guest.

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  • How to free yourself from other people’s opinions & expectations…
  • The secrets of feeling more connected to yourself & others…
  • How to gain greater clarity & peace of mind about who you are, what you want and where you are going…
  • How to quiet the inner critic & boldly pursue your passions…
  • How to gain TRUE RESPECT from your friends, family, boss and co-workers…
  • And much, much more…

You will not only discover what keeps you from seeing & accepting your innate perfection, you’ll also learn how to overcome those roadblocks & start to shine as ONLY YOU CAN. Then you’ll be able to have fun and enjoy life WHILE enjoying greater success and garnering authentic respect. 

And all in less than 2 hours of your time!

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7 Traps Keeping You Stuck With Unfulfilled Potential

Why aren’t you getting the results you desire in your life?

You have big goals and dreams and you know t.  There is so much unfulfilled potential in your life that it’s about to burst at the seams.


What’s keeping you stuck with unfulfilled potential?

I recently had the pleasure of reading John Maxwell’s The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.  In it, he describes the traps that keep people from reaching their fullest potential.  As I read these traps, I felt that they particularly applied to Christian women who often put their goals and dreams on the back burner to meet the needs of others.

If you are feeling as if you’re falling short of your God-given potential read on to see if you are caught by any of these 7 potential-killing traps:

1. You believe that you will naturally grow into your potential.

It’s  time to get real.  Releasing your full potential does not just happen.  It is something that requires intention.

2. You don’t think you have enough knowledge to grow.

That’s why we have libraries, bookstores, the internet, and lots of experts with tons of knowledge.  Everything you need to know, there is someone who can teach it to you.

3. You are waiting for the right time.

Don’t get sucked in by the Law of Diminishing Intent.  The longer you wait to do something, the greater the odds that you’ll never do it.

4. You compare yourself to others and don’t think you measure up.

The only standard that counts when it comes to living your life to the  fullest potential is yours.

5. You are afraid to make mistakes.

Mistakes are a part of life.  In fact, the most successful women are the ones that have made the most mistakes.

6. You haven’t been motivated or inspired to grow.

I’m going to quote Nike here – “Just do it.”  Don’t wait for someone else to inspire you to grow YOUR life.  Create your own motivation and inspiration by thinking of all that you have to gain by pressing forward and living hte life God crated you to live – and all that you have to lose if you don’t. 

7. You think it should happen over night.

No, it won’t happen over night.  But it won’t happen at all if you don’t persevere.  Remember, it takes time to build something great!

Have you been snared by any of these traps?  Determine right now to break free.

If you want to experience the life success you know you can, it’s time to seize the opportunities to grow.

Join me for this free life mastery training:  From Potential To Prosperity: How to Tap Into Your Unfulfilled Potential To Create Unstoppable Success.



4 Simple Rules For Struggling Part-Time Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners


Last week, I asked you – what’s keeping you stuck with unfulfilled potential in your business?

I hope you looked at the seven common traps that ensnare entrepreneurs and small business owners and decided not to fall prey to them.

This week, I want to speak to those of you who are feeling stuck because your business has not moved beyond it’s part-time status. You are still in your day job and had hoped by now that you’d be enjoying the full-time freedom of being your own boss.

Don’t worry! It WILL happen. Your focus right now isn’t on the speed at which you can transition into a full time business. Your greatest concern is being fully able to sustain yourself and your business once you do.

Here’s my advice to you…

DO NOT Quit Your Day Job.

At least not until you have six months of business and living expenses saved. This is especially true if your business has not been consistently profitable over the past six months.

Find Your Niche.

One of the most daunting tasks of the small business owner is focusing on a specific target market. Most believe that in order to sell more, they have to offer a larger variety of different types of services and products to a wide variety of people. They don’t want to sell to everyone. Reality check – The days of general stores are over. Particularly online, consumers are looking for businesses that specialize. You have to find a need-something a specific group of people want, -and fill it.

 Have an Online Presence.

This may seem like an odd rule. After all, this is 2012, right? You would be surprised, though, at the number of small business owners who still don’t have even a basic website. If this is you – start developing one today! Even if you don’t have an online retail business, consider that the internet can still play a valuable role in your company. Having an online presence eliminates the limitations of physical location and broadens your customer base by, literally, millions. It’s also a great tool for promoting yourself and letting people, even in your own area, know that you’re there, and what you’re doing.

Refuse to Quit

Successful entrepreneurship requires creativity, energy, and a drive to keep going when you fail. Few people realize that before Bill Gates created the extremely successful Microsoft 3.0, he created a Microsoft 1.0 and 2.0, both of which flopped-but he kept at it. And that determination and refusal to give up is what will separate successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones. Arm yourself with optimism to get beyond the ‘No’ or the trouble. There’s nothing wrong in failure-just don’t repeat the same mistake twice!

Quoting Les Brown, ” You have greatness within you!” And, that greatness is also within your business. Tap into the awesome and vast untapped potential that is within your business so that you can begin to impact more people, earn more profits, and enjoy the freedom of the lifestyle you truly desire- and deserve!

I hope you’re joining me tomorrow for From Potential to Prosperity! It’s this month’s free business training call and I’m sure it will help you to move your business into the phenomenal success it is destined to be. Reserve your spot now – http://www.beneciaponder.com/teleclasses/

Until the next time we meet, I’m wishing you lots of passion, purpose, and prosperity!

Benecia Ponder