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You want your event to be a great success. When you book Benecia Ponder, your audience will leave inspired, energized and equipped with practical takeaways they can use immediately to excel at work and life.  Benecia’s refreshing message about reaching your fullest potential to live life with passion purpose and power has connected with audiences and helped event planners create successful events.

Benecia’s enthusiastic and dynamic communication style make her a uniquely qualified speaker and trainer on a host of intriguing topics at the forefront of business and life in the 21st century.


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From Stuck to Unstoppable: Turning Your Past Into Purpose

Focused on helping women discover that they can hear from God and strengthen their walk with Him as they learn to build an intimate relationship with Him through focus and prayer. They will hear Benecia’s testimony and embrace how God can use all things to His glory, and that He has the power to turn our past into our purpose when we are willing to step out of our comfort zones and into a life of faith and dependence on Him. They will leave with a greater understanding of how we truly are a new creation in Christ..

God’s Vision For Your Life: Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts

Christian women often experience uncertainty when it comes to knowing what kind of ministry God wants them to be involved in. Some people have served in church ministries for years but have never found a niche that really felt like something they were gifted and created to do. This spiritual gifts workshop focuses on helping Christian women pursue the understanding of their God-given ministry uniqueness and offers assistance in knowing where to dig to find the answers that will be life-changing..

Living With Authentic Confidence

Encourages women to see themselves as ordinary people, in the hands of an extraordinary God. Participants  will explore the distinction between thinking like an orphan and thinking like an heir. Truly understanding who we are and what we possess in Christ will change how we journey through this life..

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