100 days in: Are you celebrating or regretting?

successorfailureApril 10th is a pretty special day.

In addition to celebrating my parents’  42nd wedding anniversary, April 10th  also marks the 100th day of the year.

That’s right – we’re on day 100 of 2017.  Time really flies doesn’t it?

As you allow that to sink in, I want to ask you a few questions:

  • How far have  you  been able to progress towards your goals during the first 100 days of this year?
  • Have you been implementing strategies that have made you healthier, wealthier and happier than you were at the beginning of the year?
  • If the next 100 days are like the past 100 days would you find yourself full of joy or regret?

100 days from now, where will you be?

Hopefully, this little post has given you a wake up call.

The time for procrastination is over.

Now is the time that you follow through on that plan to launch your own business. 

Now is the time to finish that manuscript and become a published author.

Now, as Henry David Thoreau so eloquently put it, is the time for you to move confidently  in the direction of your dreams!


2 Replies to “100 days in: Are you celebrating or regretting?”

  1. Hi Benecia-
    First of all – Happy Anniversary to your parents!

    100 days in I’ve created a brand new product I didn’t even know I was going to create, added about 15,000 words to my upcoming book, and taught several classes to some super smart clients. I love stepping back and taking stock of where I am and what I’ve done because like everyone, I have days (or weeks) where I feel a little blah and might not be as productive as other days. But when I look at it like this… I’ve done pretty well!

    You always offer great tips and advice! Thanks 🙂

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