Giving up on resolutions?

Hey there!

Do you know what some of my friends and colleagues have said when I asked them about their New Year’s Resolutions?

“Resolutions don’t work.”

“Why should I set New Year’s Resolutions if I’m going to end up breaking them anyway?”

“My resolution this year is no more resolutions.”

Pretty pessimistic, huh?

And, from the looks of the emails that have been flooding my inbox from gurus and personal development experts, the popular advice this year is to ditch the resolutions.

I don’t agree.

Success at any level must first begin with a resolution (or if you’re not comfortable with that word – a decision). You won’t get any of the things you truly desire in life without one. Goals are useful, but even the SMARTest goal will fail if you try to accomplish it before making a firm commitment.

That’s why at the beginning of each year I make 7 key resolutions – one for each critical area of my well-being.
• Spiritual
• Personal Growth
• Family
• Business
• Financial
• Health
• Community Service

It helps me to set a course for a prosperous year.

If you want to see massive growth in your life this year, I encourage you to take the time to do the same.

What will you resolve to do this year?